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Together for Human Rights, born in 2016, in order to promote and ensure that human rights are learned and demanded as written by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe in making the individual more able and skilled, so that he or she can improve their own life and those of others around them.Our materials appeal to people of all generations, but seek in particular to reach young people


Unless individuals take action to enhance the human rights of all, we are all at risk of losing our rights. We want garanite that human rights are learned and demanded by everyone. Togheter for Human Rights has the purpose to improve knowledge and skills that support the human rights of all. Have been decades since it was approved by the nation joined the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but still the most basic human rights are not guaranteed to people around the world. Fundamental human rights are still millions of people are threatened, we want to help change this state of affairs.


Human Rights for all!

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